Lisa W

At 30 Lisa suffered a massive Stroke. Years of rehabilitation and soul searching and a very long road ahead, Lisa was not a quitter. 

At 41 she had 2 surprise babies. Lisa and her husband along with their 2 teenagers had to adjust to a whole new world that included 2 babies. Overweight, very unhealthy, exhausted, resentful, angry and her witts end Lisa was a mess inside and out. She knew she had to make a drastic change to be a better mom for her kids. 

Lisa credits her “coming out” of her hole moment when she was introduced to the Isagenix Full Body Nutritional Cleansing System in January, 2011 by a dear friend. After 5 days of being on the program her entire world changed. She became energized, her cravings diminished, stress levels were in check, inches were falling off but most important was when her kids said, “Mom, you’re finally happy and have stopped yelling. ” As a Mom these words were music to her ears and she knew she was onto something. 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lisa entered a fitness challenge. She began the transformation of her life. With her eye on the prize, she wanted to win. Lisa came in 2nd out of 4000 people. She didn’t ‘win’ the challenge, but at that point had already won far more than the prize that was awarded to the winner. 

At 43 Lisa went on to win a fitness competition and earn her pro card as a Professional Fitness Model in 2011 and this summer will compete on the world stage against the best competitors in the world. 

Lisa now coaches others to live the life they deserve in the healthy body they’ve always dreamed of, along with being the mom and wife she wanted to be.


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Leanne Kezin

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I have had a vision in my head to do what I could to make it matter. I live with this in mind in everything I do. Through the process and the journey of changing my own life, I know that this is how I will help to inspire others. I have lost 60 lbs and have been able to maintain and improve every year since then. I am fit, I am healthy, I am confident, I am free, I am strong, and I am happy. I can show you how I did it and I can show you how you can do it too.

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